Shana Daniel RHN

Metabolic Balance Coach

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Meet Shana

For decades, Shana’s passions have always centred around a whole body approach to health. Shana’s teenage years as a competitor in a modality which required conscious nutrition choices to achieve balanced energy was probably the inspiration behind her passions behind all of her accomplishments to date. Working with the Toronto Blue Jays as part of their seventh inning stretch team, then advancing to teaching fitness to adults throughout her school years into university had her navigating through the field of fitness and nutrition at an advantageous early start of her career. She launched her very own successful personal training company for women across the GTA and continued to make the associations between conscious eating and energy output to her clients. These journeys throughout her career path conveyed a consistency behind the important parallel of healthy living through foods and activity to each and every client she works with today.

From an avid fitness career, dynamically teaching to hundreds of participants within luxury fitness centres across the GTA, executing the role of programming director within top notch fitness centres, participating in TV media and event forums associated with the industry, her innate perception of connectedness related to active living and nutrition have always been of utmost priority.

She later launched into a different career path involving food. She worked with many professionals of various vocations, developing menus customized to their tastes and requirements which mostly centred around current eating trends and “diet” preferences. This came easy to her since her broad knowledge spectrum of foods already existed. From Weddings, private engagements and corporate functions, Shana created menus to wow each and every client who worked with her, fusing ingredients together which didn’t always have to be heavy.

As a mother, her passions became deeper for how food science plays so heavily on an individual’s body systems. She knew that Digestive, Intestinal, Endocrine, Respiratory and Circulatory systems are so reliant on nutritional foundations – but how? She launched into the field of nutrition to certify as Health Coach through IIN and then certify as RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Her professional career catapulted to overseeing client success working with issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, Cholesterol management, weight management, blood pressure management, navigating through foods of today and mostly EMPOWERING clients to success. She diligently worked with an OJHL hockey team for 4 years and stays connected with players continuing their health and energy management success with her coaching. Shana currently writes about current health trends for popular media sources which are published monthly.

As Shana passionately continues to practice as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Wellnessessity Inc. for almost a decade and Certified Metabolic Balance Coach, the achievements of her client success have been stellar! Shana stands by her convictions of education as being the primary role in her client success model along with the effective communication tools often needed for those wishing to begin a new health journey for themselves.

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