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Increase your energy?
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Improve muscle recovery and athletic performance?
Improve mood and cognitive function?
Speed healing from injury?
Improve metabolism and hormonal health?
Most of us are deeply unaware of the fact that many different types of light are “bioactive” in humans (which means they affect the functioning of human cells) and that our health is largely influenced by the dosage of these different types of light that we receive each day.

These are the five types of bioactive light in humans:

1. Blue light – sets the circadian rhythm in our brain, which in turn regulates numerous different neurotransmitters and hormones

2. UV light – allows us to synthesize vitamin D from the sun

3. Far-infrared – acts to heat up our cells (this is the part of the sun’s spectrum that you feel as heat) which stimulates changes in cell function, as well as circulation changes

4. Red light – acts on the mitochondria in our cells to stimulate increased cellular energy (ATP) production

5. Near-infrared (NIR) – acts on the same pathways as red light – particularly in the mitochondria in our cells to stimulate increased cellular energy (ATP) production


The most common light-related health problems that most people are already familiar with are vitamin D deficiency (from too little UV light) and circadian rhythm disruption (from too little blue light in the morning and too much artificial light at night). 

Just as the modern world of processed food leads to chronic malnutrition, our modern light environment (of too much of the wrong kinds of light and too little of the right kinds, and with poor timing) is called mal-illumination. 

It has widespread effects on our brain and organ function, immune system, energy levels, mood, neurotransmitter balance and hormone levels.

Just as our body requires the intake of certain vitamins and minerals (e.g. vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, etc.) from the diet to function normally, our cells also require certain “light nutrients” (adequate amounts of certain wavelengths of light) to be healthy. In short, the human body needs near-infrared and red light to function optimally.
Just as we can have malnutrition from a poor diet, we can have mal-illumination from poor light exposure.


Numerous studies have shown that red/NIR light affect muscle performance, recovery from exercise, and adaptations (i.e. enhanced strength, endurance, muscle growth, fat loss) to exercise.


Red/NIR light has been shown to benefit brain function as well. Studies have shown improvements in cognitive performance and memory, improved functioning after traumatic brain injury, improved mood, as well as improvements in certain neurological diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease). The improvements in mitochondrial function, reduction in inflammation, and increased Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) likely all play a role in enhancing neuron health.

Nerves (Pain)

Some studies have shown that red/NIR light can dull pain due to blocking conduction at nerve fibres.

Healing (Bones, Tendons, and Wounds)

Numerous studies have shown that red/NIR light can stimulate and accelerate healing of numerous types of injuries – from tendon/muscle/ligament tears to bone fractures and skin wounds. This is likely by affecting local growth factors involved in cellular repair, as well as effects on the inflammatory processes.


Red/NIR light is also used in the context of hair re-growth, and numerous studies have shown it to be effective for this purpose. This is likely due to local blood vessel dilation and anti-inflammatory effects.


Numerous beneficial effects on skin wrinkling and laxity, cellulite, collagen production and other aspects of skin health have been found. Anti-aging of the skin is one of the most common uses for red/NIR light.


Numerous studies have shown that red/NIR light can stimulate the release of fatty contents from fat cells and ultimately, lead to body fat loss.
Since everything cells do depend on energy supplied by the mitochondria, red light and near-infrared light therapy have been linked with a wide range of amazing benefits:

  • Anti-aging effects in the skin (enhancing collagen synthesis, production, and elastin production for youthful skin and dramatically reducing cellulite)
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Enhancing fat loss
  • Enhancing physical performance and muscle recovery afterwards
  • Boosting testosterone
  • Speeding wound healing
  • Spurring neurogenesis in the human brain, strengthening synapses, spurring brain cell growth
  • Helping prevent cognitive decline
  • Reducing waist circumference and liberating fat from cells so it can be burned again
  • Enhancing physical performance and muscle recovery afterward
  • Enhancing fertility
  • Combatting gingivitis and promoting healthy gums
  • Enhancing stem cell implantation and proliferation
  • Enhancing gland health from the thyroid to the lymphatic system
  • Clearing skin for sufferers of acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis
  • Improving eye health
  • Fighting chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Potentially helping the body to fight cancer (in tandem with chemotherapy)
  • Removing wrinkles, lines, and veins on the surface of the skin
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving the appearance of scars
  • Killing pain
  • Protecting cells against damage from stress
Still not enough reasons?

Reduce Cellulite with Near-Infrared and Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has a profound effect on reducing fat layers and eliminating cellulite.
Cellulite is a problem caused by a combination of unhealthy collagen and elastin in the skin layers, combined with excess fat accumulation in the fat cells in that area. 
Near-infrared and red light therapy actually combat cellulite in three ways:

1. By bolstering production of collagen and elastin (and supporting the health of the extracellular matrix – the fibrous support structure around cells).

2. By supporting blood circulation and blood vessel health in the area.

3. By causing fat cells to release their fat contents into the blood where they may be burned off.

You can immediately start using it to:

Increase your energy
Make your skin healthier, reduce wrinkles and help get rid of cellulite
Speed up fat loss
Improve muscle recovery and athletic performance
Improve mood and cognitive function
Increase muscle size and strength
Speed healing from injury
Improve metabolic and hormonal health

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