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With the high levels of stress and anxiety in daily lifestyles today, this patented technology brings your nervous system from ‘fight or flight mode’ to ‘rest and digest mode’ within minutes.

The Neuroscience behind NuCalm is clinically proven to naturally relax the brain and body within minutes, without drugs. This patented technology addresses the brain circuitry in the limbic system, the hypothalamus and the brainstem responsible for activating the stress response. NuCalm works specifically on the body’s inhibitory system, the GABAergic system.

NuCalm is comprised of three discrete steps that work together to slow brain waves to the frequency of the first stages of sleep and create parasympathetic nervous system dominance. Within moments of application, you will begin to feel relief from the ‘fight-or-flight’ sympathetic nervous system response and your stress hormone
(cortisol) levels will begin to decline as the HPA axis is inhibited.

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