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Phase 1 - Cleansing

Phase 2 – Strict Conversion

Phase 3 - Relaxed Conversion

Phase 4 - Maintenance

Are you tired of the fad dieting trends which keep you yo-yo’ing through each day only to find yourself increasing the very issues you struggle so hard to eliminate? Are you looking for clarity on how YOUR body digests and assimilates foods for energy instead of storing that energy as fat? Are you looking for sustainable results in the long term? Look no further.
Upon effective consultation with our clients, we will provide you with the necessary requirements to get started. Never before has an eating program containing whole, nutrient dense foods been so easy to follow in conjunction with YOUR OWN blood chemistry. Our coaching program ensures our clients are supported and motivated on their journey with Metabolic Balance and the 4-Phase Nutritional Concept.
It is the sum of all its parts that makes this program a successful one. The Metabolic Balance program is divided into four phases that complement each other:

Phase 1 – Cleansing, Phase 2 – Detox, Phase 3 – Relaxed Conversion Phase, Phase 4 – Maintenance Phase

Latest Canadian research report here determines the benefits of lowered BMI in achieving enhanced immune response towards the latest challenges.

Program duration: minimum 3 months

What it includes:

Your phases of your own INDIVIDUALLY customized eating plan according to your body’s own blood chemistry upon receipt of your results after your appointment facilitated by us.

Your unique Fit3D scan of your body before you begin your program, giving you accurate body measurements and a digital copy of your own report

Your complimentary RedLightTherapy session of 30 mins to accelerate your results throughout progression of any and all of your phases
Education! This is a large chunk of client success, since we believe that making the connection to how body systems work while noticing positive changes
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