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One of the best ways to evaluate your progress as it relates to body-fat loss, weight loss and muscle gain is by using girth measurements.

Inches can be a quick and easy way to see whether your program is on the right track because they correlate really well to body-fat percentage.

A change in your body composition, is presented by a change in your inches proven by your scan as you progress through your plan weeks.

Fit3D will measure your body’s circumferences and give you an accurate three-dimensional picture of your physique.

Time needed for scan: 45 seconds

See Progress in Fit3D

A Fit3D 360 scan is a great way to know your starting point and track your progress over time.

The scan provides over 200 accurate body measurements allowing you to compare your changes from scan to scan.

What it includes:

A 3D picture of your body measurements: You will have a three-dimensional picture of yourself detailing exactly how your body looks. You will have your very own avatar that comes complete with all the measurements taken from the scan including your insightful posture score, metabolic rate, balance and body composition.

With accuracy and ease, the scanner reduces the human error of the old way of measuring circumferences. The scan takes approximately 40 seconds and measures the exact place on your body every time you do a scan; the same way every time.

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