Digital Pulse Wave Analysis

Non-Invasive Early Heart Risk Assessment

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This is a non invasive way to understand your heart health as well as the having ability to do a stress measurement using heart rate variability. The test involves placing a finger in a device like a pulse oximeter for 3 minutes. At the end of the 3 minutes you will be given a score from Type 1 to 7 type 1 being excellent through type 7 being very bad. Although not a medical diagnosis, it is a great tool to investigate further if your score isn’t ideal. The stress test will show your physical stress in addition to your mental stress with your level of stress resistance. The beauty about this technology is that even if your score isn’t great, there are solutions to make it better by being proactive. This is another example of why non-invasive testing can give a client a bird’s eye view in advance to the body sensing out more severe warning signals. You will receive a print out of the test to take for your records.
Heart Disease is the leading cause of death
1 in 7 people die of cardiovascular disease
Many times the 1st and only symptom is a heart attack or stroke
Cardiovascular disease accounts for over $503 billion dollars of annual healthcare spending

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