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TheNewMe encompasses the whole body approach to sustainability in achieving and maintaining incredible results!

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Together with a combined 25 years in the health industry as leaders, mentors and practitioners, we’ve been coaching across the country to amazing men and women just like you!

Your determination to meet your health goals can end right here! You’ve found a team to inspire you, motivate you and assure you that your optimal health is now at your fingertips in making a positive difference towards what you once thought was impossible.

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Fit 3D

Good things take time

Individualized Metabolic Balance

Eat Better Not Less

Instant Gratification

Nothing will work unless you do

Red Light Therapy (RLT)

Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not.

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Making time for yourself with fitness

We recognize that new nutritional foundation and energy output go hand in hand. Some would say one cannot exist without the other.

We’re happy to offer you our highly recommend experts in the fitness arena who recognize our client success model and make great strides with their coaching success for theirs.


The Pickering Personal Training team are a group of dedicated professionals with one thing in mind; the success of our clients. Whatever their goals may be, whether it’s a first time fitness journey, or a seasoned athlete looking to improve all aspects of their performance, we are there as a true partner in your journey.

We offer the option of in home personal training across the Durham Region, training in our private fitness studio as well as sessions in our preferred fitness centre located in Pickering.

Our team members are more than just trainers, we are holistic practitioners, Canadian champions, Can Fit Pro trainers of the year and professional athletes. Most importantly, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge to improve the health and fitness of our clients.

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